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Injury through road or workplace accident?

Head Injury Due To A Road Accident?

Dr M.R. Mudau Inc. offers medical reports and filing of RAF 4 forms according to AMAGUIDE 6 guidelines from a neurological perspective to assist with Road Accident Fund Claims.

The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. The head is the most important organ in the body as it controls most functions, therefore any injury to it can result in severe negative consequences or physical impairment.

Some internal head injuries can go undetected for a while due to trauma hence an expert assessment of the gravity of injuries is needed to avoid future complications. The sooner the damage is detected, the better your chances of claiming successfully.

Our Offering:

• we work with bookings for medico-legal cases.
• we do plaintiff and defence work.
• filing of RAF 4 forms.
• we do tests that offer additional value to the report like EEG, for an additional fee.
• we are available for court proceedings / trials as expert witnesses if required.
• we also assist with joint minutes when required.
• we offer bookings in a reasonable space of time.
(No long waiting periods.)



We work on a set fee per case.
50% is payable up-front before consultation, and the 50% balance before release of the report.
This ensures that we maintain high ethical standards in the review of every case we handle.

DR MR MUDAU INC. is a specialist neurological assessment Centre situated at Medforum Hospital in central Pretoria.

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